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Will be listing adjustments made to the page here.

• Leaderboard overhaul. Any% now has additional tab. You select mode which is New Game or Ultimate Mode followed by difficulty of your choice.
• Rules updated
• Added The Man in Black IL board
• Moved Critical to it's own category as ultimate mode cannot access this
• All story routes has been removed. It's not possible to get everything in one segment as choosing between Kotaro's death and Magoichi's killing Ginghamphatts 3 is a good example for this matter
• Theme is changed
• Timing method changed into RTA for the same reason as Onimusha1

Essentially, New Game+ means that you start the game with the equipment that carries over from your previous playthrough. This game does not provide that. You skip the cutscene only if you have seen it before from your last playthrough.

(edited: )

• Renamed Sub-category of Any% as in No Ultimate - Ultimate instead of New Game which makes much more sense.

I would also like to remind every runner here is to be sure that your run includes footage for difficulty choice and result screen.

Whenever you reset, before you start the run again make sure that you show special feature screen selecting the appropriate difficulties/mode as well as end game result screen after you skip the final cutscene.

Check the Game Rules once again for more details.

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