Different Versions of the game
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Different Versions of the game
United Kingdom

I'm new to the whole scene of speed running the Onimusha Series and I was wondering can we use an Emulator or is it only PS2 exclusive for the Leaderboard?

Bristol, England

I came here with the exact same question..

Faroe Islands

Emulators are generally frowned upon in speedruns. To my knowledge, there hasn't been a PS2 emulator that perfectly emulated a PS2 (one that included frame drops and load times), so I doubt it'd get accepted.

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United Kingdom

Huh that's a real shame as I'm a runner of some Resident Evil games and my prefered catergories I like to run is NG, but as you all know it's dead and i'd like to attempt to route some type of route and maybe get people into NG? I'm grateful for your replies and thank you so much for your inputs. I guess I'd have to invest in a Japanese PS2 and a Japanese copy of Onimush 2

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