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Myself and Arkl1te were discussing at length at how to proceed for these categories.

We ran into an issue as to how to apply rules for them, specifically the Katsuhai Challenge, War Invitational, and World Championship.

Since these tournaments were designed with the idea that the player would complete each previous tournament before attempting them, it means that if you try to begin on them you will be grossly disadvantaged (even though the game actually allows it).

The current rules we settled with are:
- You must start from a fresh save file
- You need to beat the tournament in question
- You may participate/ and complete any number of tournaments prior to the tournament in question
- The entire run must include each prior match / tournament completed.

For example:

This means, to do a War Invitational run you could either:

- Defeat North American open, then Katsuhai Challenge, then War Invitational
- Defeat North American open multiple times and then do War Invitational
- Attempt to start on War Invitational with a stock character and stock Jaguar (good luck, this appears to be near impossible)

This is currently the best we could come up with .. otherwise, allowing a run starting from the specific Tournament from a pre-existing save file brings in a lot of harder problems to solve and easy ways to cheat (such as just editing your character for example).

Other ideas we threw about were:

- Allowing an edited "blank" character with a specific starting $ amount that is deemed "fair" for each specific Tournament.
- Requiring the player to submit to all previous Tournaments, and requiring them to use the exact same character and stats that were visible from the end of the previous run.

For all who are interested, please let us know your thoughts. We want it to be both fun and fair for everyone.

At least doing a simple North American Open run is pretty trivial. 😛

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IMO best way to go about this would be to only have the requirement for defeating each tournament by any means necessary, starting with a new character. For example, one could start War invitational right away or play couple of rounds in Norham and couple in Katsuhai, then move to war without finishing either. One could finish either Norham or Katsuhai many times and then go to War and so on. Full tournament run, not on individual level boards, could have the requirement for winning all tournaments.

Not sure about starting with an edited or previously saved character as that would maybe be less interesting to watch. Especially, starting with a saved character is not a good idea, because one could for example try to max everything in Northam and do a poor run there to get advantage in Katsuhai and so on.

So I think the rules you came up with are good already. Not very keen on doing tournament runs myself atm. but it's nice to see you guys are thinking about these rules already 🙂

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Yea, I guess that's what we'll go with then. Thanks for your input Eino.

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