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Just wondering if anyone here has tried running the switch version to see if there's any strat differences for ng+ any%? I've been playing okami for years on several different ports, but I think switch is the one I'd like to try running 🙂


Others can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the switch version is much like the PC/Xbone/PS4 versions in the sense that the KT Glitch (infinite jump) is patched, making NG+ much much slower compared to PS3. NG categories should be fine on switch, as long as the loads aren't slower that is, but yeah afaik PS3 remains the go-to for NG+


Hi, I do not run this game, or any game, but I just completed the Switch version and it seems KT glitch is not possible. Again, I'm not a runner so I might just have done it wrong but I believe it is impossible. However, loading minigames and 4:3 are in the game so it is very very likely like the PS4/etc versions (and motion controls have been added in places, but they're optional like touchpad on PS4). No trophies or whatever on switch so Plat% needs to be checked manually, otherwise it's probably identical to run to PS4. IDK about load times though..


Load times seem basically the same


I bought the Japanese cart release (not the digital North American release) for the bonus items it came with. Software version says: Ver 1.0.0. If someone can confirm the current digital release software version for me, that'd be great. (this is a cartridge version that came in a limited edition release pack, the titlecard language defaults to Japanese and has to be changed to English to read) Wether or not levitation glitch is present in this version I don't know yet. (though very near the end of a 100% file to check). JP carts work on a North American Switch with a Japanese region alt account.