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New Super Mario Bros. U Forum  /  Low% category for IL's

What about a low% category for ils? It makes a level more challenging bc you cannot just fly over the entire level and you cant play with penguin suite to be faster than intended.
Is this a good idea?


I thought of this idea a couple years ago with the DS title however, it is not really a good idea because some exits (such as 2-4 secret) cannot be accessed in low%. The idea of making it more challenging doesn't do much in regards to it either, using the penguin suit to speed up levels is already challenging in it of itself because sliding on non-ice platforms kills your speed so you need to jump very often. Other things such as vertical climbing is also challenging to optimize with acorn suit. Staying small mario just to challenge yourself in that terms is a bit counter intuitive because technically no its not anymore challenging to optimize something by restricting yourself in that means.

You should also think about joining the discord server the mods and everyone else are always willing to answer questions and you will hear a response much quicker than the forums. Link is here:

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Sure, I'm down to adding Small Mario sections on the IL boards.

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What about this: an extra category. So we would have any%, 100%, secret exit, and low%. So it is more like a seperate category. and just beating a level as small mario is always possible.


you took 2 months to reply to this. Smh my head

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lol, I just completely forgot about the post until I saw it 2 days ago 🙂

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