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How does toad appear after a level? I did a run and it happened 4 times and i want to not let it happen again.

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If the time remaining on the in-game timer has the ones place and tens place match (like 244 or 511), then Toad will appear with fireworks.

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It's better to wait the second than to get the tens digits matching [3xx, 122, 411] as time won't be lost from toad. Question was already answered but I don't care.

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Unless you're gonna get a 77 at the end, then you can get the fireworks because you get an acorn for that. So it's a very nice safety.

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Dont do that on record pace tho lol

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this thread was done 2 years ago. Don't necro it unless you have something meaningful to add aside from 1 sentence that comes down to common sense

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