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For adding/requesting ROM Hacks on the series :

If the ROM Hack is on the site and not in the series :

- If you're a game moderator, you can go here (make sure to choose "To be part of a series")

If the ROM Hack is not on the site :

- Submit a forum thread with this model :

Hack name :
Release date :
Run video link :

Other notes about the request:

- For the video, it's required to do a full game run and the run must be done by yourself (an Any% run is enough to be added). Individual Levels runs (like 1-1 Any%) aren't enough to add a game. For full modified hacks Individual Worlds runs (like W1 Any%) aren't sufficient too.

- MFA must be enabled in order to be added as a moderator in the hack you're requesting. You can enable it here: (it's named "Require e-mail authentication when logging in" under the "General" tab).

- Once added to the site by us (Series mods can add games to a series without staff approval), We add the requester as a "Super Mod" in the game.

- Requesting unreleased ROM Hacks is possible but for this contact us on Discord with all hack infos. It will be added few days prior the release.

- Me or ILoveSMB reserve the right to stay as a mod when we add a game, even if we don't do a run.

- It would be appreciated for us if you can link an information page about the hack in your request (like the nsmbhd thread of the hack for nsmbds hacks or something.)

- The hack must have a least 5 levels or more to be notable for speedrunning. 1 level only ROM Hack will not be added here.

- ROM Hack without level changes (e.g. Mario or Bowser replaced by another sprite) will not be added here.

- It's not required but if you can have a little bit of experience with leaderboard moderation it will be good for us.

Other useful links before requesting :

Site rules

Moderation rules

[Last update : Apr. 15, 2021]

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