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I have a new idea: Reverse Ghost Houses: You need to beat the ghost houses (I think that's what they're called) in this order:
•F-Ghost House
•M-Ghost House
•6-Ghost House
•5-Ghost House
•4-Ghost House
•3-Ghost House
•2-Ghost House
You can not go to any ghost house early in this list.
. This is possible, I've tested it. Timing starts on first input and ends when the ! switch is pressed in Bowser's castle in world 6. If someone does decide to run this category, I hope you have fun routing and everything. And that will be all.


I forgot to mention, for those who didnt know, there IS a ghost house in World 5. In 5-1, there is a room with the third coin. At the right side of the room, there is a rope. Jump in the middle of the rope, and it should reveal a block with a vine in it. Climb the vine, bounce on the paratroopas, get the secret exit, and 5-Ghost House will be unlocked.


I'll check because now you interested me, I'm going to play right away


Sounds fun. I'll add it once you do a run yourself.