Can we use emulators like Citra?


Unfortunately no. If you're wondering why, my guess would be that the loading times are different.


Damn that sucks, would be really nice to be allowed since recording/splitting would be a lot easier.


I don't know if any of the mods have any experience with 3ds emus but I'd assume the loads are inconsistent. I personally have never touched one so I can't really say anything. So unless someone tests it or we are proven wrong and the emulator is accurate then we'll take allowing it into consideration.


@Tomppaa I did some testing and i think loading times might be different. Like i would like to see emulator to be allowed but i don't think there are any emulators that have the same loading times or maybe even frame rates.


you can play on emulator, you just can't submit runs. If emulators become more accurate in the future, we may look in to allowing them

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Considering that the 3DS is a handheld it might get more accurate in a few years like the DS did.