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I was bored in the bus and doing some coin rush (going for 9999999 coins. what am I doing with my life). Doing the 3-4 trick, of course. I always rush through the beginning of 3-4; never stopping, never slowing down, never stopping to go right. As such, I would always get in the pipe at the same frame (when the timer is under 100, you can see it fade to red and then to white for every second so I could see by looking at where it was in the fade in). Then I notice something; whenever I accidentally hit a wiggler on the way, the timer would be earlier in the fade in than if I didn't get hurt. So basically, that means that when the timer stops for the little freeze when you get hurt, it stops for too long and you gain time on the IGT. Not saying to change the timing method for ILs (even though I don't think it's a very good timing method), but I just wanted to let you people know. Hopefully this has been a somewhat understandable post, I'm bad and describing and explaining things.


What's really going on here is not that the timer is frozen for an extra few frames, but instead, when you get hit the timer stops, but the red flashing does not. The red flashing continues the cycle it's on even when the timer is paused, so it appears like you have saved or lost in game time, but in reality, you haven't.

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IGT is the best way to time ILs. Nsmbw has RTA ILs and nobody likes it. And ILs arent the main grabbing point of this speedgame so it doesnt really matter that much anyways imo.

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