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I wanted to start speed running nsmb2 but I need a really detailed tutorial witch I can't find anywhere I also need help finding splits. And keep in mind I am very new. I feel stupid for asking this because i'm sure everyone else knows this but me.


are these ok splits?


When i comes to a detailed tutorial, Uvideo, Tomppaa, and I are in the process of making one. Right now, the best tutorial is in the guides section on Link: for splits, it would be pretty easy for you to just create your own blank splits on livesplit (or any other splitting program). If you have questions, you can join the nsmb series discord, and we will be happy to answer lots of questions there (we can answer questions in the forums as well, but the discord server is more convinient). The link to the server is in the recources section. Keep in mind we are happy to help new players get started, it's fine to ask these questions. One more thing, "speedrun" is one word, in the future, please don't use "speed run" 🙂


Ok, Thanks! and "speedrun" was corrected by autocorrect sorry.


That’s what they all say (including me 5 months ago on a different forum for a different game)