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So from the start I was really skeptical about a 7 minute PB with no runs in between, especially from a mediocre to a godlike run, but I never investigated more. So today I looked at his profile, and his run before the supposed 27:53 was a 35:04 that they had gotten 3 days before. My only guess is that it was either a typo or a flat-out lie.

This makes me want to implement a rule about videos for runs under a certain time, or even just to look through runs more carefully. However, any run submitted with video should have the video watched in its entirety before verifying. Leave your thoughts below.

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DO you know how long you practice before putting up a run time. Then to get a 3ds capture card, you have to modify the hardware or get a new unit - I can not get another 3ds. As for emulators; they don't exist yet.

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I don't get what you're saying. I always put up my runs with accurate dates as to when I did the run, usually as soon as I get it. Keep in mind that I'm relying on you to put accurate dates on your runs. When the site asks for a date, that means put in the date you did the run, not today's date.

And about the 3DS capture card, I get that it's a huge investment, but you don't need a capture card to record video. A camera is fine. Just look at Gonquai's warpless and 100% runs. And I never said I definitely would implement that rule.

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I also want to note that you can do runs without submitting them here. So if a rule about video is implemented, that doesn't mean you have to stop running the game. It just means you can't submit them here if you can't make any sort of video for some reason.

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masterpig5: DO you know how long you practice before putting up a run time.

EeveeSpirit: I don't get what you're saying.

I believe masterpig was implying that he practices a lot before posting a time. Some people practice a game until they think they can get whatever they consider a decent time, and they don't post a run until they can actually get that time. That's why cookie has, or had every IL record in Hotline Miami.

Other players like to start by posting their blind playthrough, like how Silent_Excalibr posted his first Drill Dozer run. Some of these people post blind, then never touch the game again, like a few Hotline and HM2 players 😃

I fall somewhere in between "practice to perfection" and "post blind". I posted my first Hotline Miami run as soon as I could beat it in one sitting. Since then, I have changed my approach to focus on practice. I spent 13 hours on just the first level of Mighty Gunvolt. The only reason I have posted any times is because there is an IL board. Otherwise, 13hr x 5lv = 65hr+. That is many hours spread over many weeks, and Mighty Gunvolt is only a 10-15min game. Granted, I probably wouldn't have put in so much time without IL boards and without the goal of getting sub-whatever, but I have been practicing Drill Dozer for a few months without posting a time.

I don't wish to defend masterpig, because I don't know anything about this specific situation. I just wanted to clarify what they probably meant. I personally prefer to record my runs, and I will eventually move away from emulators.

Hooray for being bored on SRC 😃

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