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Maybe this has been answered before (I wasn't able to find info about this) but checking the rules it says that NTR software to capture footage is not allowed. Does it affects the gameplay?? If that's the case, in which way does it affects it??

I wanna run the game but I don't wanna use a camera pointing to my 3DS (it looks awful imo) and nowdays is impossible to find capture cards for 3DS


If you read the rulea, it says that it is banned.


I wanna say it messes with load times but dont quote me on that

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It can speed loads up and make them inconsistent, so most games don't allow it, and i think the ones that do allow it don't really like it.

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Oh, I see. Well, I think I'm gonna skip this game until I get lucky to find a 3DS with a capture card and I have the enough money to buy it

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