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I would like to suggest to add the NSMB2 DLC's in Coinrush as a sub-game, because I saw that a sub-game can be set as DLC. Possible categories could be the sets as a RTA run or IL-categories for the individual levels.

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I think it's kinda pointless to create a new board that I know for a fact is going to be inactive. If we do add Coin rush DLC categories, they'll probably go to category extensions. The individual levels board would actually work pretty well for that purpose. Definitely gonna talk about this with the mods.

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Yes, it makes sense to add this in the CE 🙂


Also, it might not be popular among runners because (most) of the courses are paid DLC.


paid dlc bad

just kidding. but that is a good point


https:/​/​cyberscore.​me.​uk/​chart/​152691 If anyone hasn't seen this btw. It's kinda been the main leaderboard for coin rush runs.


They are for score, not for speed.


Having a separate leaderboard for the DLCs is kind of pointless for now, especially the game isn't that active right now. I'd say to put the DLC categories as misc here or eventually on the Category Extension leaderboard.

However if DLC categories becomes a bit popular, it can be on a sub-game board but it will be up to the mods.


I agree :]
And it is great to have the DLC's as sub-categories now.


I'd like to see the DLC's added as well. Got a couple of runs of the coin rush levels recorded,
Some of the packs are more interesting based on coin score rather than speed (although speed is required for the highest coin scores).

In the other DLC packs the max coin score can easily be achieved, No point running these levels on score. Speed would be an option. Just check cyberscore.


@NukeyNukey They are added as IL-categories on the CE.