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a mod with a grey name insult me when i spent 113 hours on 100%


First, there was no insulting. You keep submitting a 100 hour time for 100% which seems very unrealistic. We don't have enough details to reasonably assume it was legitimate. When you submitted it again, a mod with a grey name simply asked you to stop.

Second, the time of 100 hours seems very unrealistic as a time. Was it done in a single sitting? I highly doubt it because that would take over four days. If not, was it timed accurately? Were brakes factored in? If you want a time of 113 hours verified you should fill in such details so we can be as certain as possible that it was legitimate.

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There is one thing that you have to understand. Although every level of skill at a speedrun is legitimate, if you submit a longplay it is gonna be rejected for different reasons. In the first place, noticing that you have a run in this game in the Any% category, we will talk about that one. You have a run that lasts 5h. It doesn't have a video proof, so the mods are likely to think that it is probably gonna be one of your first playthroughs. This statement can be proved very easily. If you see the top 10 times they are around the 26 min mark, which can lead you to think that this game is fairly short, almost under an hour (if you see the whole leaderboard that is the trend). Second of all, I think you have a bad understanding of this hobby/career (please, let me explain). A speedrun is a "playthrough" of a said game of your choice done in a way that you go the fastest you can. Playing a game and putting a timer isn't a speedrun. In this type of playthroughs you know where to go, what to do and how to do it. You can be better or worse at the game, but you still know where to go, what to do and how to do it. In the context of an Any% run, going through each world (W-1 until the cannon, W-Mushroom until the cannon, W-Flower until the cannon and finally W-6) shouldn't take more than 20 min each on average. If you do the math, it is a total of 4 * 20 min = 80 min, which are 1h 20 min of run. As you can see, it is way far from where you were. Does this mean that every first run should take that time? The answer is NO. You can't predict your first run. But, for example W-1 is only three levels, and honestly with a bit of PRACTICE it shouldn't take you more than 10 min. Finally, I want to highlight one word. PRACTICE. When you approach a speedrun, you should practice a bit what you are going to perform, let me explain this with an easy example. Imagine you are told to play a song on the guitar in front of 100 people. Would you go there without any practice? The obvious answer is no. So in a speesrun is the same.
I hope this let you understand the point of view of all the people in this community and I ensure you that if you have any questions about how the run is done, everyone in this community will help you gratefully. Thanks for reading.

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I like what you said there, I might even take some of that. First of all, I honestly didn't think it'd take me 113 hours (let me explain how i got that later.) and most importantly i did not know the route. So I just ran though my Any% route and then just did everything I had to do from there. I didn't even have 100% on my file!

Now, onto the 113 hours. I didn't know any of my routing at the time, I just ran through my Any% route (took me 4:59:13) and then I just racked up some lives (took me 5 hours) and then I did all of the 100% stuff I thought was needed. I didn't know what to expect. I just did every world and I died a lot of times due to me not knowing how to handle stuff, I had NO preparation at all.

Overall, if you think that 113 hours is a bit insane before you read this. I think this might change your mind. Sorry if this is a bit shorter than you expected, its 7:34PM for me as of typing this paragraph.

Anyways, thanks for reading this! I hope that the mods can understand my insanity... (Used the google suggestions for all of the grammar corrections)


What you just described is basically what every people (even speedrunners) do when they get the game. You just play the game and try to get everything. But it is not a speedrun as it wasn't planned.

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That doesn’t mean you can’t submit it. Still, if it wasn’t done in a single sitting and the breaks you took weren’t factored in, then we can’t accept it, sorry. Now that you know the route, if you were to try again it would take a lot less time.

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