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Due to the short length and precise nature of this run, as well as the increasingly large number of tied times (especially at top ranks), I feel that it might be appropriate to begin timing runs with milliseconds. However, that is my personal opinion, and as a moderator I would like to only make changes that reflect a general consensus of the community.

Therefore, I will be privately contacting every player on the leader board on whether or not milliseconds should be added to all runs. This thread will also remain open for 30 days for anyone that would like to share their opinion publicly. On February 11th, I will post the resulting majority opinion here, which will decide whether or not this change is made.

Currently, there are nine tied times for Lvl 1 NES, which includes a four-way tie for 1st place and a three-way tie for 5th place. There is also a two-way tie for 2nd place for Lvl 2 NES and no tied times for Lvl 3 NES. The Amiga version currently only has one player.

Below is a list of all current tied times after frame counting.

Lvl 1 NES:
00:57.483 DexterClaire
00:57.600 ShesChardcore
00:57.667 k0zzx
00:57.700 Yoho9000
00:58.067 repusoiram
00:58.215 Rayquaza911
00:58.833 authorblues
01:04.481 Roamus
01:04.833 cornshaq

Lvl 2 NES:
00:55.500 ShesChardcore
00:55.900 Yoho9000

If anyone has concerns about not being able to accurately frame count their own runs, I will always be glad to help.

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It's a change that makes sense in this instance. I say go for it.

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Yeah, fine by me! With a run of this length it makes sense to add ms.

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Yeah, I like the idea of milliseconds. Thanks!

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i say go for it, might give some of us a reason to play this again. also 56 might be a thing.

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It's been a month and the popular opinion is to add milliseconds to the leaderboard. I should be done frame counting all times of the board, including obsolete runs, in the next few days. At that point I'll add the feature and edit everything accordingly. Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts with me.

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