Start with custom seed

((((Note: this is now obsolete. Just use Seed Changer mod from the workshop)))) Yet another way to run with a custom seed, blah blah blah. This one however is an actual mod + a batch file to change the seed the mod uses. It has the benefit of being able to run the game normally through Steam and you always get the same seed on new games until you change it or just disable the mod to go back to random ones. Please actually read the README this time… (external link)

By DreguDregu


Smickles Layout for Reference

This is my livesplit layout uploaded on request to help others with livesplit. (direct download)

By smicklessmickles


Smickles Splits for Reference

This is my present splits file for Teleportless runs. I've uploaded it upon request to help people with livesplit :) (direct download)

By smicklessmickles