I´m wondering what are the rules for run this game? and if theres no rules, i want to be moderator of this game, i will upload a run later

I've been running this game with own splits for some time. The only rules I can think off are "no continuing off save stations." I have no decent way of capturing footage so I'm staying away from uploading..

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How about copy the rules for Ninja Gaiden Black since it's so close:

  • Show main menu when starting your run to verify.
  • Runs must be completed in a single segment.
  • Time starts when you press X just before the first cutscene at the start of the first chapter.
  • Timer ends when you kill the final boss. And I would add: Game must be installed via Options menu. In game timer is not allowed, must be real time.

Keep it simple. I am practicing for a run right now and I do not see the need to add anyone as a moderator to this game until runs have been submitted or are awaiting verification for a while.

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I am with the guy's above. I see a lot of unnecessary category. I'd suggest re-hauling the categories and copy NGB board only include "Normal" and "Master Ninja" Category given the sub tabs of Any % and 100%.

  • Hard and Very Hard is obsolete for this board and there is absolutely no need for it
  • Remove Eternal Legend idea for now and include it on the board once the players milestone reaches 20 given their interest of the game
Pennsylvania, USA

As it stands there is no real reason to remove any difficulty settings for this game as no one has submitted a run at this time. If one is submitted in the future then all the categories are open to do so and the mods would not have to reject the run due to a category not being set up, creating said category, then telling the submitter to submit the run again for verification/approval.

I ran into that issue over in Bayonetta 2 when I first started out.

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