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Right now I'm still struggling to complete the game in easy mode.
But as I see it for now:
- Normal mode have more bombs/enemies, and it forces you to be slow at some points or be extra cautious. Makes sense to separate that from easy mode.
- One life mode is just a more annoying version of the normal mode. If you are good at normal mode, you won't die anyway while speedrunning it.
- Leave no evidence mode - seems like an unforgiving variant of the normal mode that requires you to be perfect in your star throws
- One life + no evidence - No... Just no... the nightmares...

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Ah yes, I put every mode as a variable as I wasn't sure yet what to do with it. But splitting them in Easy, Normal and No Evidence seems like the best option as they change your gameplay/run. The One-Life category seems like stretch as it doesn't really add anything as you mentioned (if you don't die). But I am open for opinions about this category.

- One life + no evidence - Haha yea, never ever.

I shall make the splits right now.
I was also thinking of a 100% run? Or max score I guess? For picking up all the coins but I am not sure if it adds anything, or that it gives you a different end screen. Might check it out.

Edit: Now I think about it. One-Life makes you play more safely. Especially for One Life- No Evidence. I shall add them as well. Because of the long names, the leaderboard makes a mess of the categories. I think this layout works the best for the categories

Editedit: I got 2440 points, and I think I collected every coin. Nothing changes for the end screen

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@Oreo321Oreo321 Same here, dude, cat goes fast. I've come close to finishing it, but I keep getting tripped up on the weapon swaps. It's definitely a game that's at a bit faster pace than I'm used to.

As for the categories, I think this is a pretty good solution for now. I have to wonder myself about how One-life runs compare to Normal runs that don't die, but I think it might be best to wait and see until those runs are done.

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If you are good at normal mode, you won't die anyway while speedrunning it.
Hey, hey, hey! Some of us are still trying to get through easy mode without dying. Also, here's a run by the dev in normal mode, since we don't have any on the leaderboard currently (just stumbled across this):

No evidence would be a lot more intriguing if the targets weren't so finicky.

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@hahhah42hahhah42 nice! @cubeecubee just submitted this run to the Normal category.

Boss battles in No Evidence mode..

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Bumping this thread because we're thinking of combining the one life & nine lives sub-categories of Normal & No Evidence. The basic thinking is, if you want to grind for a deathless run, the 1-life modes make it easier (instant reset), and if you're willing to accept deaths to complete a run, you'll typically be at a disadvantage to those who don't die, so it's fair to have them together.

It'll also make it easier to add new sub-categories with greater differences in gameplay, if others are interested.

Anyway, let us know if you have any thoughts/objections.

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