Speedrun Tactics

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Also made a page on my website with images: https://cubeegames.shshock.com/?rel=speedrunning

=== Strategies ===

- Fast Level 8 [https://youtu.be/ESe562AbbwU?t=7]
Discovered by hahhah42.

- Level 9 Sword Skip
If timed right, the grapple point on level 9's drop platform can be skipped by using the sword.

=== Bugs and Exploits ===

- Boss Speedkill
If the boss hits multiple shurikens on the same frame, ALL of them will deal damage before his invincibility gets activated.

- Coyote Slingshot
Activating a grapple point while in coyote time (the short window where you can still jump after walking off a ledge) will launch Ninja Cat into the air at high speed, which can be transferred into high forward momentum.

- Early Sword (frame perfect)
Due to a bug in the double-tap weapon switch, you can use the sword early! Press the attack button on the same frame as the second tap, and Ninja Cat will use the sword. (Note that Ninja Cat is still affected by gravity while using this attack)
Might be useful for a TAS? Discovered by throwing a TAS script at the code without any changes. [TAS script: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=41774]

- Wall Jump From Grapple (frame perfect) [https://youtu.be/8KQeDQU2wiY]
Discovered by hahhah42.

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