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Since the latest update, I have noticed some very severe changes in certain screens, with some strats simply not working anymore. If anyone would like to confirm that things are not working as they used to, here is a list of where I noticed something wrong. Maybe it's just my game that's messed up.

These are all in normal mode. Have not tested anything in alternative. Also does not include anything that changed with the big update.

Harara 1 - This is a very minor one. My old setup to get through to the end cleanly without getting any bad bounces does not work anymore. Was easy to fix and find a new way through it.

Skymning 3 - Getting past the block on the second screen is not a 100% certainty anymore using the exact same strat as before.

Skymning 8 - I have been having some trouble with this one since the first big update a few days ago, but now it seems to be even more difficult. Have not yet managed to get this skip even once.

Old Ruins 4 - This one is very minor and actually favourable. The bounce you get when skipping the first gap on the third screen is consistently longer. Might make it a bit more awkward to get the actual skip right after.

Old Ruins 11 - If you preload boost right, you will no longer hit the wall and will miss the block right below. Easy fix is to not use boost and it works fine, just a little slower than it used to be.

Factory 13 - Holding right at the start makes you fall after the first spinning block. It's still possible to make it through fast enough to get the skip on the second screen, but it's a lot more difficult.

Murky Depths 7 - Another minor one. Pressing right at the start always makes the vehicle drop slightly to the left instead of going up instantly.

Giant Leaf 13 - Hold right strat is dead.

Slightly Nonsense 5 - Haven't been able to get the skip on the first screen.

Slightly Nonsense 13 - Starting with boost right and bouncing off the wall into the gap does not work anymore. This wasn't necessary since you can just drop into the gap and everything else still works out the same way.


Skymning 8: I found a semi-consistent new setup, but it's quite precise so don't expect 100% consistency as before.
Preload right, and when you're at this point :
Start your boost. Hold boost + right until the hit on the lower wall, then press left + boost to clear the gap.
If someone has something better, go for it

Also, here's a list of the levels that don't give me trouble :
Skymning 3 : it's still possible to go under the block with a good pumping.
Old Ruins 4 : Same strat as before for me, works good with my usual meh consistency.
Old Ruins 11 : I've always used this strat :>
Factory 13 : I'm onto something, I might film it. Consistency might be an issue for the fast cycle though.


Nonsense 5 :

Strat is explained in the description. 90%+ consistent already, and if executed correctly I don't think it's slower than before.


I can do Skymning 8 with your strat like 50% of the time, but at this point I think I'll be going for the ledge climb. I'm much more consistent at that.

Skymning 3 is a bit confusing because I'm not always getting the same bounce at the end of the first screen. So while it's still possible, definitely not as good as it was before.

For Factory 13 I press A just as I hit the first spinning block to line up the jump and get some speed going into the second one. Then it's just a matter of timing to make the jump cleanly across the gap in order to arrive in time for the skip in the second screen.

That's how I used to do Nonsense 5 before I learned the other strat. Guess we'll have to go back to it now.