Glitch in Classic Shootout WR?
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Glitch in Classic Shootout WR?
Greater Sudbury, ON, Canada

In the Classic shootout video I notice that the goals are: Check,X,X But Crosby wins. How do you do this? Thanks.


So you only need one goal to win the game and the last 2 goals don't matter. As long as you have one goal you win the game. You can either miss the first 2 then get a goal or start off with a goal then miss the last 2. Or whatever pattern feels best to you. When I shot the first goal I shook my Wii remote and presser (a). I pressed "a" because there is a cut scene that could waste time. So for the last 2 shake your remote and you will shoot before it shows your player. I hope this helps if you have any more questions feel free to text me back on the forums

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