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Why did he pickup the sword?
Is that allowed?

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Hmm, good point. I will discuss it with the other mods


Might be a good idea to mention in the rules what low% means in this game. Just a quick note stating no use of sub weapons and no attack upgrades if they are not allowed.


Although then UraniumAnchor's run might have to be moved to its own category too, as his run technically isn't sword-only, it's "no pick-ups". He uses the Windmill Shuriken at multiple points.


Ok, so my suggestions:

Most likely going to have to reject Overswarm's run.
Create a new category for No pickups and move UA's run there.
Be more specific in the rules.


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Defining the rules for No pickups is a bit weird. UA actually grabs a fire shield at 7-1 but switches back to the shuriken shortly after. So technically it's not a "No pickups" run anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I personally think the rules of each category, for each NG game, need to be unified and the same, except for a few slight differences based on each individual game. Currently, each game has its own set of rules, we just assume every NG player knows them all. But new NG players probably don't, unless they read over each games.

For example, NG2 Low% says:
- Only allowed to wield your sword
- Not allowed to use ninpo.
- Timing starts when Ryu starts falling
- Timing ends when timer reaches 000 after defeating Jaquio 3

While NG1 Low% says:
- Only allowed to wield your sword
- Not allowed to pickup health!
- Not allowed to pickup fire armor/time stopper!
- Beat the game!

Yet NG3 Low% only says:
- Beat the game with only the sword
- Left+Right is not allowed
- Turbo is not allowed
Stated ONLY in the JP Low% rules does it say the following:
- Beat the game with only the sword. No sword upgrade.

It's easy to see the confusion in that. I'd feel bad seeing Overswarms Low% run rejected, but there really isn't a category to support his run. He clearly picks up health, the big sword, and many item drops, even if he doesn't use them. The Low% JP rules clearly state "No sword upgrade", which Overswarm clearly didn't see since the Low% JP category is hidden away in the "miscellaneous" section.

Creating a new category just to support his run would be considered a meme category, so what's the point? Overswarm has more than enough skill to rerun the game with new, clearly written rules and get the same time, if not better than his current Low% run, should he wish to.

And UA's run should be moved to "Any%" since a 'No Pickups' category would end up being a meme category as well. Not enough people run the game as is, having a new 'No Pickups' category would likely never be run by anyone other than UA. Perhaps someone looking for an easy WR to add to their collection.

But we need to work on this as a community. Figure out the specific rules and make sure each game in the series, including the SNES Trilogy and the NES Trilogy runs, all have the same, clearly defined rules. In fact, in most cases, I think it would be best to copy and paste them from one game to the other. Then add the game specific rules (No Big Sword or No Shadow Clones). I would be happy to work on such a unified ruleset should anyone want.

Anyhow, sorry for the long novel, but I felt clarity was needed.

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I am not sure if an unified ruleset would be smart.
Yes they are the same series, but the feel of each game is different. Of course it would make it easier for the whole old school Ninja Gaiden community. But on the other hand, I think you should read the rules of the category/game you want to run anyway.

If you are going to run a game/category and get rejected because you do not want to read it's your fault. Plus to be fair if we look at the SRL glossary of Low% it states "A run that completes the game with the bare minimum lowest percentage." So I think it's universal agreed that an upgrade/refill of any kind is out of the question.

And if you think the rules aren't clear just ask, there is no shame in asking in my opinion.

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Thanks guys.
There is one rule missing.
- Not allowed to pickup health.
And I wish NG3 Low% could be the same as NG1 Sword Only.


And... is Shuriken allowed? Maybe.


I'd vote no on shuriken. It doesn't really feel like low% to me if you use anything but the default sword

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Agreed 100%. Low% should be base sword only, no pickups.

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So I complete a run in a category with no runs submitted ever with the rules that are posted, run is accepted, then the rules change a month later because a different game has different rules for its Low%?

I'd like to request gusmancini's Pacifist run be rejected as well -- he uses ninpo when the rules specifically state "no ninpo". I had to reset multiple Low% J runs due to accidental usage of ninpo even though it hit nothing. >:|

Ninja Gaiden community is weird.



The "no sword upgrade" wasn't part of the rules when I ran it. I followed the rules that had been there since at least 2012.

Also not sure why people who don't run the category or game are trying to make rule changes after-the-fact to match an entirely different game. There's only one person in this thread who has even played the game!

I didn't know that I needed to check with the Ninja Gaiden 1 community before I played Ninja Gaiden 3. Definitely avoiding the Ninja Gaiden games.


Requesting removal of Nanjimao's Low% (US) run:

Picks up ninpo:

Uses ninpo:

Requesting removal of Gusmancini's Pacifist (J) run:

Uses ninpo:


You're gonna need to check all the NG2 runs too, looks like Gus uses ninpo in NG2 as well:

Just as an FYI, having 0 ninpo is a large advantage in NG3 because it allows you safely slash cancel without accidentally using ninpo on a boss.

I even had this text added to my run:

"I would suggest that for the rules it be added that you can get rid of ninpo, just not kill enemies with it. I followed the rules to the letter, but had to throw away a few runs due to accidental ninpo that did nothing!"


I agree. That sounds like a reasonable suggestion. Runs shouldn't be rejected just because of accidental ninpo usage (that doesn't kill anything)

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