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Hey guys!

Since the new NES Mini launched with it's Ninja Gaiden it would be a good time to discuss it (and add it to the leaderboards).
Here are some technical facts.
The original NES (NTSC) ran on 60.09 fps.
Compare that to the NES Mini's 60 and you will end up with a difference of 5 frames in a minute(3605-3600 frames per minute). This is close to nothing. I know that you could have a lot of people mad by hitting WR on this machine simply bc it's not 100% correct only 99%. But let' face it, even the accepted emulators aren't perfect according to's tests. I see no barrier for the acceptance of the machine. SMB and Kirby's Adventure have already added it, so it's time for us! Please share your opinions and have a good day!