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*NEW* SCUFFED EPIC BHOP SIMULATOR 2023 (POG CHAMP) Forum  /  Regarding the Leaderboard Wipe

We've decided to wipe all runs made before the V6 Beta that weren't using the new timer.

This change is due to the controversy between Valium, Kniv, And Me, Where no one could come up with a proper timing method to where a run starts and ends, like for example: Does a run start when you begin moving? Is LiveSplit a legit timing method for this game? Because it was being used in the way of, If i move; time start | Should we allow checking the runs frame by frame and post the complete time? - Caused more controversy with me being accused of cheating by valium, Or should we just go off from the moment we press R?

It was highly debated but now this change has to be made to resolve the controversy.

So from now on, All runs are to be submitted as YOUTUBE Links, Not dropbox or Discord Attachments.

All runs must be submitted using the new timer, Showing the start of the run, the end of the run, and at least 3 seconds on the end screen (Hand Cam Optional)

in other news, The leaderboard has been updated to include the new V6 levels and 2 that are releasing soon. Plus a new Catagory being Zombie%

Zombie% - Quickest time to a score of 1,000,000
Any tricks you want are allowed (It is a speedrun after all)

I'm also now the newest moderator for this game's leaderboard, So i'll also be adding new category's in the future and working on adding intentional tricks in my levels for speedrunners

That's all, cya


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I gotta redo my already shit runs literally crying rn

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