Clarification/Changes To Rules Effective 11/14/2020 (1/1/2021)
3 years ago
North Carolina, USA

Rule changes to all new speedruns submitted on/after 11/14/2020. All current runners will be allowed to submit "replacement runs" to conform to new rule changes until 1/1/2021. After that point all previous speedruns will be removed from the leaderboard. This is due to the moderator not being specific with the rules and to make the speedruns more fair and challenging

FOR ALL SPEEDRUNS: PLAYERS MUST WIN THE GAME In certain speedruns, such as Edited/Unedited Teams Exhibition%, player must win the game HOWEVER difficulty can be set at freshman for all speedruns unless denoted in the category* PLAYERS MUST SHOW TEAM SELECTIONS, DIFFICULTY, UNEDITED SLIDERS/RULES/PENALTIES The sliders/rules/penalties can be done at the beginning or end of the video but must be shown to be verified. All others can be shown before the game starts. Unedited rosters must be shown beforehand, if applicable. CHEW CLOCK RULE Runs where players avoid tackles for the entire quarter on one play will not be valid. HOWEVER Players are allowed to make adjustment changes to allow the clock to run faster by hitting L1/LB at the play selection screen and switching the offensive tempo to conservative. MOVING THE BALL RULE While its not required to gain a first down every play (because play clock stops at every first down) players must gain positive yardage on every offensive play. execptions are if player is sacked, fumbled etc 222-0% CATEGORIES player must have 222 points, while opponents have 0. Once 222nd point has been scored the time will stop. RULES AND SLIDERS EXECPTIONS On all speedruns, the holding/clipping penalty can be set to 0.

I apologize for not clarifying the rules sooner. As a speedrunner/moderator of this game, I also shall hold myself to these standards and resubmit runs as necessary.

Thanks and Happy Speedrunning! -bacon_67_

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