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Think I'm done with Naxx deckbuilding for now. Though with new expansion coming up soon, who knows what tweaks will be made.
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Explanations on some minor changes:

- Tried to put both Curator and Jepetto to have even more chances in drawing Alexstrasza early.
- Also only putting 1x Eater of Secrets so Jepetto have no chance of messing up, and I usually only need one anyway.

- Shriek is decent, cheap and doesn't discard your important late game finishers.
- Sac Pact isn't available anymore, but Warlock still probably the best for this boss cause they have the most suitable early removals and board clears.

- No significant changes from previous Mage decks. I don't think Mechathunlock will work well since his Unrelenting minions will stop Mechathun's effect if it got killed by Cataclysm. You also often get Alex by turn 9 or 11 anyway, and freezing helps in reducing animation.

Four Horsemen:
- I'm replacing Power Word: Glory because of long animation and we already have enough heals anyway.
- Added Acolyte of Pain for more draws

- Kobold Stickyfinger isn't really necessary since you still usually get turn 6 without it, but I guess there's no reason to not put it in.

- I didn't put Depth Charge cause it can get killed easily with it only being at 3 health. Also 5 damage doesn't kill his 6 health minions.
- Added Runic Egg for more cycle. Still unsure whether to put Runic Egg or Depth Charge in my deck.
(Edit: I removed Runic Eggs for an extra SW:D and Holy Fire. Think I'll prefer it this way for now, extra Holy Fire could be used for heal or for having more chances in getting lethal after Alexstrasza)

- Added Stormwatcher as a late game finisher. Able to deal 16 damage straight away and he's at 4 health which is above the range of Thaddius's spells.
- Replaced Demonwrath with Shriek, since it's cheaper and you can ensure Shriek to not discard your late game finishers.

- Replaced Weapons Project with Heroic Strike, since the weapons add quite a lot of animation.
- Added Bulwark of Azzinoth, decent card to defend your health.
- I tried to avoid having too much 3-mana spells since it's harder to get rid of once you got your Hemet going.

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Made slight adjustments with Scholomance cards:
Decklist: Deckcodes:

I tried Lorekeeper Polkelt as Alexstrasza tutor in Maexxna, Noth & Grobbulus. Cheaper than Curator, but probably shouldn't play it if you don't have your bursts yet since it'll take few turns for you to get Fireball / Holy Fire after playing Polkelt. Still not sure if this is better than Curator.
Didn't put in in Gothik cause this boss is a bit harder to control the board than Maexxna or Noth, not drawing the defensive low-cost cards after playing Polkelt might be dangerous.

Also tried Sphere of Sapience in games where you'll want to draw specific cards. Don't think it's good for the Alextrasza decks cause don't need to get Alex early and you have tutors for it anyway.

I didn't put in Sphere of Sapience for Razuvious because it could mess up your Rummaging Kobold.

Put in Voracious Reader and Speaker Gidra for Loatheb. Voracious Reader is really good for card draws obviously. Gidra isn't important though the effect suits Loatheb.
Adorable Infestation is also not bad, could be used to buff a 1-health minion to counter his board clear, and gets you tokens as well. Don't think it's worth replacing other cards with this though.
(Edit: After doing runs recently, turns out my Loatheb winrate is much better than pre-Scholomance. Not uncommon for me to have several wins in a row now)