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I was wondering what the differences are i would wanna do runs on the ps4 but i dont really know the differences

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This would be a really great question for the discord! To answer here though, the biggest differences are that it's easier to practice on pc and you have access to the auto splitter which makes the loadless aspect a lot easier and timing in general.

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But are there speedrun differences? Does one freeze less or have shorter load times? Are there any exclusive glitches? Or has it not been tested very much?


Sorry for the late reply; There are no differences between the platforms as far as tricks/skips go as far as we know. PS4 tends to be laggier and have longer load times than PC, however (obviously dependent on the power of the PC).

We sort by loadless times now, so this is mitigated somewhat, but lag will still be present. Any new PS4 runs will have their loads removed by one of the mods based on video footage to account for this.

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