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So I'm working on adding Mackerel% to the board, it's a meme run but requires some meaningful routing that myself and some other people have put in work on. Credit to Ryanide and CasualBreloom and anyone else that assisted in this.
Ryanide actually narrowed it down further and so we now have it being a good possibility.
If you don't know anything about this Meme run I'll elaborate more soon or you can ask me or Ryanide about it in discord.
Still needs a bit more work tho.


There is allot of current discussion that is more commonly found in the Discord;
If your interested in knowing more or keeping up to date with changes and discussion please join us there;

We have been discussion a glitchless category set to be added hopefully soon and have more established defining for that.
It will be a nice stepping stone for people start with with as learning the games basics and general combat is where most of any of the runs will see major improvements. Before heading into learning the skips and glitches that other wise sequence break the game.


The Glitchless Main Category is now up for Route A currently.
Within the rules we have defined what we consider part of that run within the community.
All runs still conform to the base rules that were created originally for Any% Route A.

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What about a Pod collection category? Since there's skips for flooded city early, and Desert skips. I think it'd be a fun category to watch people do, similar to Mackerel . but that's just my thought.