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Instructions in other languages:

French, courtesy of Destructor
German, courtesy of Rocky712
Spanish, courtesy of SN_Idiot

If you want to submit RTA with your emulator speedrun, here are the requirements:

Use Bizhawk with mGBA core and proper firmware. Find Bizhawk here.
We cannot link to the firmware, but a quick Google search is usually enough.

No emulator-specific functions used: No fast forward, slowdown, savestates etc.

Full video of the run.

Before the run or at the end of the run, you need to show the following settings in your submission video:

1) mGBA core (either in status bar or settings; example 1, example 2)
(If you are playing on Bizhawk version 2.5 or newer, you can skip step 1.)
2) Proper firmware (example; make sure the hash matches this one)
3) Bizhawk version. Avoid using 2.4 or 2.3.3. Use the newest version if possible. (Help -> About)
4) Soft or hard reset visible at the beginning of the video. See this topic for details.

If showing these settings at the end of a run, please wait until "see you next mission" is on screen at the end.

Setting up Bizhawk, courtesy of Dragonfangs

Tutorial for showing settings, courtesy of Destructor

(Longer and more detailed version, if you want to be on the safe side or need some help with screen capture in OBS: Link)

If you have questions, feel free to jump into our Discord server and ask: Link

If you do not follow these rules, you cannot submit emulator RTA, but you can still submit IGT, assuming your run is single segment.

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Just a heads up, I've added a 4th requirement, though it was already mentioned in this sticked topic and in the Rules tab on every category, so it's nothing new. Apologies that I did not add this to the topic before, it really should have been in one place instead of two different topics.

We're still receiving a fair amount of submissions that do not follow the rules, and while I'm sure most of them do follow the rules, we need to see it displayed to verify it. Sorry for the trouble!

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Also, while it is not a requirement, it's always appreciated when you provide time stamps for the soft/hard reset, as well as when you show the settings, in the submission text!

If you don't want it to be shown on the leaderboards themselves, we can edit it out when we approve the runs. This would save us a bit of work when we approve runs and would be much appreciated.

(That being said, if your submission video is a huge chunk of video where we have to look everywhere to find relevant information, we reserve the right to reject it.)

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November 30 update: TAS profile is no longer a requirement. However, showing what Bizhawk version you're using is now a requirement. The rules have been updated to show this.

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UPDATE AUGUST 22 2020: The following versions of Bizhawk are now banned from submitting RTA after a community vote: 2.4, 2.3.3. All runs submitted with these versions prior to this date will still be on the leaderboards.

List of bizhawk versions:

I have also clarified that "end of the run" means when IGT shows up. So please don't show emulator settings before IGT and % shows up.

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Bizhawk version 2.5 and onwards only have mGBA available as the core. This means that if you're playing on version 2.5 or newer, you do not need show core (you can skip step 1 in the first post). Be sure to remember all the other steps.

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