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I noticed there is no category option for easy? Is it slower, or what?


We generally don't run that category and it would yield in no routing differences compared to normal mode. Therefore we don't have it listed as a category. Although I'm sure one of the moderators can give a better answer.


Nope, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. If there was sufficient interest we could have an easy mode leaderboard, but the run is almost identical to normal, so there has never really been any interest in the last 13 years.

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Off the top of my head, the main difference is that you take half damage and the fact that you can do more damage to Mother Brain before she closes her eye. There might be other minor differences I'm not aware of, but none that should affect the speedrun in any meaningful way.

We can add it if the interest is there.

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I'd like to see an Any% Easy board that I can submit a run to. I could see myself getting into this game but I'd like to run it a few times on Easy first and get used it on that difficulty before I move on to Normal and Hard. Hook me up, bros.


@CriscoWild good runs have already been rejected before for being on Easy. It wouldn't be fair to them at this point.


I am not too sure what you mean by that StarFalco. Either way, I added easy mode and some other stuff as misc categories. Go nuts!

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Thank you Mobiusman. I appreciate you.