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I loved this game as a kid and am really interested in running it but only own the PAL version.

Is emulator banned and/or inaccurate for this game? Are all the glitches even possible on emulator? I was hoping to learn it on emulator and do a few runs, even if i can't submit it to the leaderboards, before investing in an NTSC-J console/cart/tv.

Am I going to have problems trying to use emulator (PJ64 1.6?) thanks in advance


I don't think it's BANNED, not sure if rules have even been stated regarding it. But Emulating this game definitely sucks. It doesn't usually work correctly, especially with PJ64. You're best bet would be trying Mupen, but even that isn't perfect.

Getting an NTSC-J game is much cheaper than an english version, and you don't need a J console or TV. Just the J cartridge is all you need. And then either a screwdriver to switch the back of the game, or remove the tabs from it/the console. Or you could use a gameshark as a passthrough.


Thanks for the reply, I found the cart cheap but my console is PAL which I don’t think you can do the cart back swap with because of the console region lock (only between NTSC/NTSC-J)? Same with my CRT, doesn’t accept ntsc signal 🙁. Does the run have many glitches where the input delay of an LCD would be a problem? If not I might just source a ntsc n64 and play on an LCD rather than a CRT


I'm not really sure how LCD performs, I'm not good on the tech side of things. But there are some frame perfect tricks in the run that may make it harder if the LCD adds input delay.

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