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upon closer analysis of this run, it does seem like the timer was stopped slightly early, so I will change the times, however, since you have spotted this to be a false run could you also check the other 32 second run (2nd place by AD2) just so we can know for sure whether that time is possible or not either?

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1st frame:
last frame:

looks like AD2 started his timer 3 frames early and stopped it 2 frames early

so his real time is ~32.8 which is basically already correct

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I just did a quick framecount of Loz's run in avidemux and I get 33.099 or 33.133 depending on if an intermediate frame is accepted or not.

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The frame count I got of my run is actually a 32.834 (I was using an inferior method to time my runs back then), so I will adjust this on the leaderboards.

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Hey guys! Sorry my time was off. I was honestly not trying to pose a false time on the leader boards. Thank you namesnipes for re-timing it and all

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