Portal Series Run?
2 years ago
Manitoba, Canada

Could there be a category for a Portal Series run? It could be as short as just Portal 1 and Portal 2 or you could add Portal Stories: Mel and other mods. If this is a possibility then I would gladly run it.

Ontario, Canada

yes i would love to run that

Pennsylvania, USA

we need this

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
She/Her, They/Them
1 year ago

I agree


Msushi had answered this in a DM discussion, so I quote him here (with permission):

"i dont know who i talked to about this but basically the huge question is the run would probably include mods and theres a gray area of what portal should in the "series" run and what shouldn't be rexaura, gamma energy, portal Pro, portal stories mel, aperture tag, 2 memories, which ones make the cut? thats why its hard to define and make a category on because of these mods realisitcally do whatever run you want and if like it it'll get added"

I would've thought just portal 1 and portal 2

Florida, USA

I don't know that much about the Portal series, but I would say a full series run (including spin-offs) consists of 6 games: Portal - Out of Bounds Portal 2 - Single Player The Lab - All Experiments Bridge Constructor: Portal - Any% Aperture Hand Lab - (Category Pending) Aperture Desk Job - Any%


I can add a Portal Series that consists only Portal 1 & 2 when there is at least one run of it that you can submit for the leaderboard.

For the spin-offs, I'll leave that up to Msushi's decision.

For the mods, it's kinda debatable if we should add those here at all, since the name of the leaderboard page suggests Multiple Valve Games. On the other hand, I would want those myself for HL2 mods' purposes, so I'm asking that from Msushi as well.

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Florida, USA

I don’t actually have most of the Portal games I was just making a clarification of which games should probably be in a run if you include spin-offs

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All in all, it really depends on someone actually doing a run of a multi-game concept before it'll be added as a leaderboard, empty categories are pointless.

Florida, USA

@Lyren What's the point of the Half-Life Series category then?

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@CaptNinja6 Sorry for missing your question, I hate how broken the alerts are on this site.

These three categories that are currently on the leaderboard were initially added at the same time by Msushi right from the start. If someone requested Half-Life Series as a category right now, it would be in the same situation as the Portal Series run and would not be added.


There has been a run of this now and it has been added as a category.

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But why isn't the run on leaderboards?


The run was invalid, as ArkanLite used a start save for the run, which is currently banned for all Multiple Valve Games categories. However, he is going to run it more in the future, and I saw someone else in Twitch run it as well, so there will be runs on it.

There's been interest on Valve Series from people as well, and since those runs include both Portal & Portal 2, I can see them posting that half of the run to Portal Series as well.