Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Forum  /  I have a 3ds with LUMA3DS am I allowed to use it for speedruns?

My 3ds is homebrewed/ has luma3ds and I'm wondering (I think the answer is no.) If I can use it for runs? Fyi I have the Mike Tyson one and the Mr. Dream (i put it on there with a app peepotalk bla bla bla) version. Thanks in advance widepeepoHappy


You can only run on the official 3ds virtual console release as I don't think there are any approved NES emulators you can put on the 3ds


Luma3ds won’t be allowed for any submissions. The rules have a small list of hardware and emulators that is allowed. I’d stick with what’s allowed under the rules tab when you are ready to submit attempts. You can play and practice on any platform you like but only submit using what’s allowed under the rules.


Thank you very much. Much appreciated.