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Hey everyone. I came across this post on Reddit today of somebody claiming they got 10.97 on Don Flamenco. I automatically became skeptical as he was using a web emulator that acts like trash.

I left something in the replies, but at this point I'm not sure if it is fake. I need your thoughts, especially top speedrunners (zallard1, Summoning Salt, etc)

Here is the post:

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Yeah that's literally impossible there is no possible way to knock him down a 100th of a second quicker let alone 4

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Well I gave him steps to prove it is legit. If those steps can't be completed AND we find out it is 100% fake then I'm banning him from the subreddit.


wait, I thought it wasn't possible to complete Don Flamenco under 14.97?


Wooo Punch Out! Speedrunners i’m so hyped!

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