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Rules clarification question:

If I'm working on ILs, it is acceptable to load a savestate at the previous fight or start screen for the IL I'm working on - or do I need to play through the circuit to get to the guy I'm trying to IL every time?

I think the game is understood well enough that we know that the fights are all independent of each other - but I understand why this might still be problematic for some.

Please let me know either way.



afaik, the use of save states is not allowed, but you are allowed to use the ingame password to get to a particular fight as fast as possible.


it would perhaps be ideal to list those in a thread if they aren't already 🙂 maybe even use this one


005 737 5423 Don 1 to Bull 1 IL's
777 807 3454 Honda 2 to Bull 2 IL's
267 853 7538 Super Macho Man - Take a loss - Don 2 to Sandman IL's
007 373 5963 Mike Tyson / Mr Dream

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Accidentally used 777 373 3454 and the game gave me a 14-0 record w/7 KOs at the World Circuit. Is there a reason for this?


The codes arent "specific". What I mean by this is there is a way to predict codes which take you to various places with varying records if you know the way they work. The only code which seems to be specifically programmed is the Tyson Code. I believe there is some more information on how the codes are generated on Red Toms website