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PO Feat. Mr. Dream Idea
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So a question me and a couple others have is "What should we do with speedruns for Punch-out!! Featuring Mr. Dream". An idea I have is to answer this question, we make PO Feat Mr. Dream a different game. The categories for the game would be the same as MTPO but with different sub-categories for NES, 3dsVC, WiiVC, and the upcoming NES Classic Edtion. So any differences between the versions are accounted for. I would submit the game on this website however I do not actively run PO and I am not fit to moderate a PO game. So how to you guys feel about this idea?

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There's not really any version differences that affect gameplay, so this should not be necessary.

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I thought the versions had different timing on RNG

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I know Punch Out and MTPO are essentially the same game, but I feel they should be separate (I could see lumping them both together so that the MTPO page also features Punch Out though). Also, aside from input delay I'm not sure Punch Out would need all those categories. We don't separate console from emulator so why do it for other platforms unless there's a fps issue like the PAL version.

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Why do you think we should make a separate page for Mr. Dream Punch Out when they're literally the exact same game, the only difference being the sprite of the final boss? It seems really unnecessary to me.

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I guess it would be unnecessary, so how should we (you guys, the moderators), go about PO. Should another game be requested or should MTPO just have more games listed like 3DSVC, WiiVC, and NES Classic Edition (if it is added on this website when it comes out)

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I think the only real gameplay difference is that clock stop glitch wont work on the Dream cart, just toss PO runs in here too I'd say!!!

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