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I just think 3 lap is better than 1 lap, 1 lap leader boards just make the players instantly become milliseconds of each other and I guess only have to do 1 lap well. But its a thing already unfortunately.


I mean true, it does get annoying, but that's why I want the 3 lap categories as well as the 1 laps. Cos then we get the best of both worlds (the fast paced single lap, and then the fast as consistent 3 laps)

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Alright so I've had a chat with Cyberdemon531 and I've become a mod. I do want to implement some changes to the leaderboards, but I'd like anyone in this tiny community to put their ideas forward. I'll be listing some of the changes that I'd like to implement here

So first up, I want to make Race Leagues to be the home category, so the first one that pops up after you click on the game. This is due to it's bigger popularity, higher optimised times, and the fact it's probably one of (if not the most) interesting run on the leaderboard.

Next, I want to add the 3 Lap times to the IL leaderboards because that would make things a lot cooler in the IL categories. Also, I want to make it so the IL categories should have videos for their times, rather than just pictures of the time, because it would allow other people to view the laps and allow themselves to improve.

Another thing I want to do is streamline the tabs in the full game leaderboards. This would be like, merging the all stunts and reverse stunts tabs into 1 tab called All Stunts, and then we implement a sub tab in that with standard or reverse.

These are some of the ideas I've got. If anyone has any opinions and or changes you want to add, please put them in the forum post and we'll review them as a community and get a consensus. I wont be implementing these changes until about a weekish after this post, just so we can get as many people to give their opinion and see what we might want to change.

Thanks all 🙂

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Hey guys, been getting into speedrunning this for a couple weeks now and was wondering if there was a discord or group chat to get in on.

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There are none to my knowledge currently. That should be rectified 🙂


Hey @BigSizzle, as far as I'm aware there doesn't seem to be a discord or group chat at all. Seeing as this is a small speedgame (small as in runners that actively play it) I'm not sure people had thought it necessary. If there were any questions or discoveries about things then people would put them here. But if you'd like (and if there were a few other people interested), we could definitely get something sorted out 🙂

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I wouldnt want to force it but maybe having a smaller community discord would be pretty chill

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I think we had one but it was dead because no one played the game for a few years, I'll make one and post the link here.

I'll mod anyone who's a mod here, though I'd be extremely surprised if we need moderation at all 😛

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Hey lads, just curious as to why Xeev's run on says .270 something but video says 770. I randomly tried stopping it on the frame you finish and it does look like 600-700s the earliest I can get it to stop is 740 and he seems to start the timer correctly as well.

The reason I bring this up is i got a 19:27.400 run and took a screenshot of the earliest frame i could get of the timer and my game having the menu pop up with my course time and stuff. Was tossing up to continue doing runs and not mention this run if it was a second behind or so but this just severely anoyyed me with how close it is 😃

Please let me know if i'm wrong I may be but I actually don't understand where 270 came from?

I just did not want to upload a video until WR is achieved so if Xeev's time is changed on the leaderboard I will then upload if my time is WR.

Link to a picture of my time: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​Johnkyle192/​status/​1147461373342806016?s=20


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I just checked and yeah, that's my bad. In the Youtube video it said 770, I just did an oopsie on the leaderboards. Real sorry man. I'll do better next next time. I've fixed it up now.

Also, checking the picture? That's fuckin mad as. Good on ya there dude. Keen to see the run

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sorry m8 😃 I was just fuming when I saw you're run miller seconds ahead.
I'm gonna continue with this category until I get a further run i'm satisfied with.

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Haha, that's all good. I would have done the same thing.

And I'm glad you bopped me again. Gives me a reason to keep on grinding the category

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