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If you have any questions or anything about the game, post here or send me a message on skype (cyberdemon531) as we have a skype group with runners that can help.

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Can you add me to the skype group i have wr in ils but n ocaptruae card ssadly 🙁


can you injvite me to the skype group i hodl the wr in hudno but i forgot to pres start stream, :./


Just wondering, would a Doozer% be an interesting category or nah?


Ey got a question about All Stunts. I've started attempting runs at this category, and I heard there's some advantage to starting restaurant first but i'm struggling to find the reason why. Pls send help cheers buds ❤️


Sorry for late response @LordBeckitt but restaurant first allows for manipulation of the cycles in that stage, which saves more time than cycle manipulation in funfair

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In regards to regions of this game is there much of a difference?


I'm not sure about speed differences, but there are definitely other differences like level unlocks or colours of menus, UI, timers in adventure mode, and all that jazz.

You can check this site out for a list of region differences

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Thanks for the response, Just from watching your run, I don't know if I just miss observed it but it seems when you get specialed it doesn't last as long, are you spamming a button to get out of its effect quicker?

Just another question could the 100% category just mention everything that must be unlocked or could someone just clarify with me as to what everything is

-fruits, stars and the character (races, battles and stunts, bonus courses?)

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Yeah, you can get out of special moves faster if you hold R2 during the special move. You usually lose about 5 seconds due to a special move, but holding down R2 slashes that time loss down by about half. However, it does use up some of your fruit if you do it so sometimes it's not worth (in specific areas like if you get specialed just before or during the water part in Dock).

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@Moisty_Lettuce the 100% category only specifies that you obtain a STAR in every course on the GAME STATUS tab and get to THE END. Apparently, we don't have to get stars in the race and battle tournaments, just the singular levels.

Hope this helps friend 🙂

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@Moisty_Lettuce and @Moisty_Cabbage

I've been trying that Mallory Gallery clip for ages and I can get it sometimes, but not as consistent as you guys. How do you get it so consistent? Is it about lining things up to the wall or what?

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Cabbge appears to do it differently than me but, i just make sure my car is completely straight and aim for where I aim for against the wall and just tap the accelerate button then wait a bit then tap then wait, do not just hold the accelerator into the wall until you clip through the floor. Hopefully this helps I cannot explain too well.

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Here's my attempt to demonstrate how I go for it.
Hopefully it's not too hard to see, since I have to record my screen.

I position myself slightly to the right. As I drive, my car slowly turns to the left. after tapping x once or a few times I'm usually able to get into a good spot and fall. This has been the most consistent method for me. The positioning isn't very strict and I'm sure you'll develop a slightly different way to approach it.

Also, if you're accelerating too much into the wall, it's almost impossible to make. You need to drop your speed and tap into the wall.

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I've been looking through the IL category leaderboards, and I feel we should add a 3 lap category to both the standard and reverse races. I dunno, I just reckon it'd be interesting because then in a few levels (such as Happiness Hotel and Graveyard) we can use specific strats that will only work on a second/third lap. What are your thoughts?