Special Move Guide

By XeevaleevXeevaleev. Last updated

Muppet RaceMania characters collect food which can allow them to boost. If they fill up their boost beaker they gain the ability to either use their Muppet’s special move (more commonly known as specials), or use the blue star to boost while becoming invincible to obstacles and other muppet’s special moves. Each muppet has their own unique special, and once activated, it hits every other player on the map, as long as they aren’t in a blue star. These specials will always slow down the other racers. Performing the special counts towards hits during the level, and also unlocks each opposing muppets car for the muppet you are using.

If you are hit with a special, it will take 5 seconds for the effect to go away. Using some of your boost by pressing r1/r2 will decrease that time.

For speedrunning, when doing races due to only the vehicles having innate stats, it’s a very good idea to try and select a character that has a special that will stop you from moving eg. Scooter, Floyd, Dr. Teeth, etc.

For battles, selecting a character that has a special that will stun the opponents is better than other ones as it allows you to ram them and unload both weapons on them.


Character specials that impair movement

Full Control of Character:
Miss Piggy, Beaker, Bunsen, Sam, Pepe,

Limited Movement of Character:
Kermit, Zoot,

Movement that isn’t worth it:
Fozzie, Animal, Swedish Chef, Doozer

No Movement of Character:
Gonzo, Rizzo, Rowlf, Janice, Dr. Teeth, Floyd, ^Scooter, Bobo, ^Link, Robin, Johnny Fiamma, Sal, Bean Bunny, Clifford

^Scooter’s special doesn’t let you accelerate, but you can still jump and reposition your car angle.
^^ Link’s special gives your car no friction, so it will still move you just can’t control it.