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Hi! This is one of my favorite games, but I see that because it is 5+ hours of a speedrun it is out of my grasp to run it. And a big turn off about this game would be all the cutscenes, so I thought I'd propose this category idea.

Names : Washing Machine%

Rules : Beat all levels required to beat the game using the Washing Machine. Timing starts when you press A to confirm you would like to replay the chapter. You can use any character setup you would like.

This category seemed like a pretty solid idea, and I got the idea from the Kingdom Hearts 2 Remix Organization 14 boss rush speedrun. I hope you'll consider this category, it was a lot of fun to run and seemed to fix the cutscene problem. Thank you.

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Honestly, I'm in the same boat with this game. I would love to run it but 5+ hours is too much for me. If this category was added, I definitely would start running the game.


This category was discussed on the Discord and called All Levels WM way back in September of last year. If I remember correctly, BnH said he'd be happy to add it as a category as soon as someone completed a run.


I will do that then, if he'll agree to it. I'll contact him via discord.

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