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Character Odds Spreadsheet
New Jersey, USA

Hey, guys. I just decided a few days ago to keep track of the characters I run into during runs. I will be working on this gradually as I don't play the game that much. I figured this would give some insight into the character RNG when entering the various brackets and cups. Of course, for this to properly work, it would require no reset runs so that, I shall do. All right, well, I hope you enjoy traveling along with me to see who I encounter and how often. Also, I didn't account for the other tournaments because I assumed it'd just be the same thing, just in a different category so I figured this would be easier. With that, any questions, comments, concerns, etc., let me know.

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New Jersey, USA

Hey so, I am updating this spreadsheet to incorporate the max level of aces made during a match, facing the available opponents. Also, slowly adding more numbers to the overall sheet. I've been busy with school and learning Tony Hawk speedruns.

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