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Moving Out Forum  /  Video proof for il's?
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I play on switch, and I want to submit a 1:24 Holly's home with assist mode... But I didn't record the full run, just a 30 second clip and a screenshot of the time I got, is that enough proof?

Also, I play on the demo version, idk if that's allowed either.


Hey Ender,

Go ahead and submit what you've got. Let me talk with the other mods just to see what we want to do. Likely, we'll be happy to take your run with a clip and screenshot. I think we all understand that not everybody can necessarily capture console runs easily, and we love to see more/new names on our leaderboards. In the meantime, please join the Discord, where we are much more active and can answer any more questions a LOT quicker. Plus, you'll get to know us all a lot better, too. Demo version is also fine, I would imagine. The levels aren't any different, so ILs aren't affected by demo vs. full version.

Glad to have you join the community!


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