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I'm not sure if this has been acknowledged in the past, but the level select inputs for this game are actually in the instruction manual. Maybe it would be a good idea to update the rules to state that it's banned? This would prevent any possible "Castle Only" runs from being submitted as Any% in the future.


I was actually thinking about this one. Level code cannot be allowed and that's no doubt about it. It doesn't even give you ending screen. Although, there is continue code in this game as well (start+up on game over screen) after you lose all your lifes and it gives you proper ending. It's hidden, but it's in-game feature, which can make it easier for the starting speedrunners in this game. Plus, it's not any kind of advantage, cause you are not able to get close to best times using it. Taking that into account, I would consider this as a legit way of beating the game, but first want to know opinion of the other runners.


Im fine with the continue code. Would help beginners indeed, Especially with this games rng lol. Definitely agree with the ban of level select code to help with any confusion in the future. Dont need “whoever” claiming to have World Record and it being castle only lol. Honestly didnt even know the game had these “inputs” till now.

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