Manipulation on Famicom NBG and NES is temporarily banned.
3 years ago
United States

Though only one runner has come through lately and went forth with pushing the manip strats in all of the Famicom categories. He doesn't see it as fair to have in the glitchless ones compared to the glitched ones. Full game manipulation in glitchless drastically alters everything about the routing and while it does make the game more skillful, it can also feel harder and less appealing than just dealing with luck. Having both runs with full game manip and runs without any on the same board may not be an appropriate comparison at all. And we also don't want to alienate any new runners getting into it who may find it hard to grasp manip, on top of a lack of guides on how to do all of the advanced manipulations. So while the amount of runners may still be very low, especially active ones. We'll hold off from including manip in these categories until some of us come together and decide how we want to organize it better for the boards.

Dominican Republic

just make a single segment subcategory, it doesn't take that much effort

Single segment won't solve anything because the entire game can still easily be manipulated from power on. Seperating runs by rng manip and no rng manip seems like the best option at the moment.

Texas, USA

Agreed with Zikubi, separate categories seems like the right play here.

United States

Okay, we have rearranged the way the categories are done with manipulation. It's fine to submit runs using them again. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.