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I've looked around and couldn't find an answer so i thought i'd ask here. Are emu's allowed?


We haven't done testing for this game yet, but at the moment we've no reason to believe that emu shouldn't be allowed. Emu is hidden for MML1 because voiced text boxes and pause menus have a loading advantage, however for Tron Bonne you never have to deal with such things. The menus in the game are very automatic with how they behave before it even accepts player input, and text boxes behave very similarly.

So for now until testing is done, I'd say emu is allowed, but I'll update this post/thread later if I find any test results that would say otherwise.

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thanks for the input, might do some runs and give some feedback on pros/cons of emu for Tron Bonne


pros: you save $120 not having to buy a copy of misadventures of tron bonne


i have a physical copy already i just don't have a cap card, i don't think there are roms out there for dl

edit: i just looked nvm