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Hi, I was hoping to discuss the start and ending points for the timer.
The ones you listed in the rules are a bit weird to use.
For example, you list the start point as when you turn the first page of the book, but it's pretty annoying to hit the timer while using motion controls to turn the page.
Likewise, the ending time is a bit vague.

Can I suggest alternate start and ending points?

For the start point of the run, when you select "The Clearing" from the chapter select, this starts the game from the beginning, and leaves a clear point when you can start the timer.
For the end point, I think when you enter the final room in the castle (the room where Uncle Argus is), the timer ends when the screen fades out to black completely.
Seeing as that final room is just a cutscene with no player input, I feel like there's no point in keeping the timer going.

The thing is, I've already done my own run of Moss using these start and end points. I was going to submit it to get the game page on up and running.
The time I got on my run was 54:52

I'd like to hear your input on this, and if we could change the timer rules if that works, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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