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I think i would be awesome a run in the hardest difficulty

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Post a video of you doing a Very Hard run here. Maybe if there are enough runs they might make a category. (I will also do a run when i have the time)

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I'd be happy for more Catagories MKX is still my all time favourite FG so i'd like to see more runs for it.

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Yeah, if enough people show interest ill make the category. No point having a leaderboard for one person.

Also you dont need an official category before you do the run, just do it.
If you wanna run test your luck or something wack you can, you dont need official categories to speedrun.

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i personally wouldn't care for a Very Hard run tbh


Tried to play this game again after DBFZ and god damn is it slow lol. I dont think ill be submitting a Very Hard run any time soon, as I pretty much forget how to play it haha.


Hheeyy guys... speedrun in any difficult? Seriously? Only it's game have its rule...


One of the main reasons why we don't have Difficulty restrictions is because there is no effective strategy for it, basically, MKX speedruns on higher difficulties are just the same as casual gameplays, you beat your opponent, get beaten up, takes tons of minutes on one guy and then move on, i don't see this as a speedrun, honestly.


Id Argue it does change things as certain strats work on Very Easy AI that wouldnt work on Very Hard AI. It would be up to the speedrun community to find those differences. But that said this game is 2 years old now and MK11 is out so I assume less people will be looking into speedrunning this game anymore these days and even less will want to find optimal routes for a Very Hard Mode.

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IMO, the thing that makes fighting game speedruns interesting is learning how the AI works and exploiting it. There is ALWAYS a way to do that, even if there is tonnes of RNG and AI cheating going on.

Very Easy categories don't provide enough of this challenge because the AI simply does not react in any intelligent way. It devolves into finding the simplest combo and repeating it. That's fine as well, as a speedrun, but to me it's no where near as important as the hardest difficulty.

Another way to look at it would be the same mentality as the "Any% vs 100%" argument. It's always about "whether or not you actually completed the game". To some people anything goes = any%, to others you didn't actually beat it unless you beat all of it. In this case, Hardest is comparable to a hypothetical 100% category.

I do plan to run this eventually, regardless of what categories are supported, but I would love a Very Hard category to run if you make it (it would certainly make me run it a lot earlier).

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Well, make a Very Hard run first, then we'll see if it's reliable to be created, i'm not adding new categories just because of one person's request that haven't even touched the game yet, sorry.

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That's a fair proposal @KromerKromer .. I will notify you when I have a run.

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