Hey I wanted to know if emulators are allowed and if so, which one is ok?


As of right now, they are NOT allowed.


out of curiousity, why are they not allowed, is there some kind of lag reduction, or timing differences?


I've been thinking about this for a while especially since I started to make youtube videos commentating on a speedrun walkthrough/ let's play style video series for this game just recently.

I am in favor of allowing emulators at this point. I will make it into a separate category. Hopefully this satisfies any new comers. I'm open to expanding the community.

I am still reluctant in mixing the 2 (emulators and console) together into 1 category though.

Feel free to submit a run on emulator. The 1st run to reach me is guaranteed to be an uncontested WR.

Any difficulty will do: Easy, Medium, Expert.
Any% (reach the paradise of monsters) or 100%.

Let me know if you have feedback.


I see a reason to divide Console and Emulator but because the game is not very played and no strategy uses the Disk feature (like MR2), Emulator and Console could be together on the rankings. Usually, it is divided into two categories when the game has A LOT of players, and Emulator won't actually provide any real benefit. That's just my opinion ofc 🙂

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